Adding Interest With Doorways

There are so many interesting doorways and entryways, especially here in England.  It got me thinking about the Frank Lloyd Wright ideas of presenting a strong entry where people can really experience the space as they approach and walk into it.  Some of my favorite entries embrace the natural surroundings with landscaping or use bold colors that stand out to the incoming guest.

There's a story about how the British started painting their doors so that when stumbling home from the pub, they would know which door was theirs.  It's so fun to see all of the colors lining the streets and how the repetition of one doorway can look so different with little adjustments.  With all of the amazing opportunities for a great welcome, I can't help but be captivated by a great front porch, an intricate gateway, or a topiary framed doorway.

Mission in Tucson, AZ

A sweet garden entry in Salisbury, UK

A shady doorway away from the Texas sun

A perfect English entry


And we're off!

I'm so excited to be compiling this blog and sharing all of my passions with everyone!  As I have so many interests and get bored easily, I change directions quite quickly.  My husband will tell you I have pinballs rolling around with all my ideas!  However, my type-A personality keeps me in check.  Plus, with a background in architecture and construction, my heart will always lie in the home!

So, I'll be writing about the many aspects of a balanced lifestyle that create a happy, cozy home (well, for me anyway).  There'll be some paper crafts, a bit of travel, add a heap of good design, several spoonfuls of sustainability, a pinch of baking, and then we've got it.  Enjoy!