If you are a bottled water drinker, then you have to watch the documentary Tapped.  It discusses the ridiculously low regulation of the bottled water industry compared to the very high regulation of municipal drinking water.  There are a number of problems surrounding bottled water including: large companies claiming access to local water reserves that should be available to local citizens, the processing in petroleum plants that add harmful BPAs to the product, and the fact that empty bottles are thrown into the oceans to pollute our water resources and harm the wildlife in those ecosystems.

A better way to get your water intake is to carry along a reusable water bottle during the day.  They come in all sizes so you don't have to feel weighed down with a huge bottle.  It'll save you money and also contribute to your health, the environment, and making companies more socially responsible through how people choose to spend their money.  For those throwing parties and needing lots of drinks, try using a jug of tap water with a nicely printed label instead of the bottled stuff.  The presentation will be classier, and you'll feel better about making your party more sustainable.  Of course, if worse comes to worst and you have to buy bottled water, always recycle!  

Remember, Nalgene not Nestle!  Here are some of my favorite reusable bottles:
Thermos to-go, Camelback with sip straw, Kor red dot design award winner, and the classic Nalgene 32 oz bottle with attached top.

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